UD: Jati Ayu



1. Husnul khotimah 10120027

2. Sujilah

3. Nur Jannah

4. Lina Marlina

5. Yhani Fitriana 10120070

UD JATI AYU is one of wood company in Bojonegoro,its address is Jl. Panglima polim gang loco, ud jati ayu is built 1990, it’s a hereditary company, the company products chair, table,wardrobe, door, and etc. The owner of ud jati ayu is mr.sujatno. he is the first heir of UD Jati Ayu, he is an only child of the company builder.

Pupils: sorry sir, we disturb you, we are ikip pupils want to interview you to complete our assignment sir.

Mr. Sujatno   : no matter

Pupils            :can we start now, sir?

Mr. Sujatno   : yes, please,

Pupils            :when is ud jati ayu built, sir?

Mr.sujatno    :in 1990, it’s legancy company from my father, my father is the company      builder

Pupils            : what is the company producted, sir?

Mr.sujatno      : chair, table,wardrobe,door, and etc. sometimes many headmaster order chair and desk here.

Pupils            : how many workers do you have, sir?

Mr. Sujatno  : 15 workers, everyday we can product more than thirty chairs , n other products.

Pupils              : well, thank you sir for your nice information, it really help us sir, to complete      our assignment.

Mr.sujatno : you are welcome



The Strange Experience

At the first time,i began to study at IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro, i felt lazy to go the campus because there were more than 100 pupils in the class, almost all of pupils were crowded during the lecturing,i knew that it’s not easy to control all pupils there to be quiet and take note of lecturer’s explaination.at the time i rarely presented in the lecturing, i was often absent, and when i joined in the lecturing, i always sat in the middle row and sometimes sat in the end row/back row. I rarely payed attention the lecturer’s explaination, sometimes i just played my mobile phone and sent message, i did it because i thought it’s useless, if i listened to the lecturer’s explaination because i would get nothing, because it’s so crowded during the lecturing, but it’s two years ago. Now IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro is very different,  now ikip pgri bojonegoro is getting better, and in my class there are about 40 pupils.so,we can study effectively and calm down,and the important one now i always go to the campus diligently because of it.